Wednesday, October 7, 2009

World's Tipping

The meditations on James will continue on Thursday. Blessings on your day.

Say to those who have an anxious heart,
be strong; fear not!

Isaiah 35:4a

Anxiety makes a visit almost everyday. Investment empires that were thought indestructible collapse and with them the “fortunes” of others. Lenders who invented unbelievable mortgages achieved their goals and now people close the doors of their “dream” home passing the foreclosure sign on the curb. Families who only drove by the local food bank now get their groceries there. Like rabbits, anxious hearts are multiplying.

Systems have a way of righting themselves when they have gotten out of whack. In the balancing everyone is affected in some way. What were deemed as rightful “creature comforts” suddenly are revealed as luxuries. Nothing escapes the jostle suddenly the “ignored” and “taken for granted” become priceless. When our “created” world rights itself, in order to achieve better balance, anxiety comes knocking.

God is a master at putting things in balance. From the beginning he’s had his work cut out for him as his Adam and Eve creation have raced to achieve and acquire for themselves. Unfortunately our ravenous appetites never seem to be replete and so throughout the centuries God has demonstrated his ability to balance what we have unbalanced.

All he has ever desired is for us to be content with the life he’s given. What is required of us is discovery of that life and to stop chasing a life he never intended. But, fear not! God loves you. If you’ve messed up and flown off the scales or been affected by someone else’s mess he will set the scales right. You can find contentment in the “new” life that he gives, if you keep your face in his.

Jesus, sometimes I feel as though my world
is disappearing. But, then I remember that what I
envisioned for myself may not be what you want for me.
Help me to be content with the life you intended.

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