Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vote for Change

“Time’s up! God’s kingdom is here.
Change your life and believe the Message.”

Mark 1:15 (The Message)

“Vote for change” are familiar words during an election year. In a world that changes faster than our ability to keep up, we keep looking for the “change” that will make everything better. Whether it’s a “change” that takes us back to some point where we felt comfortable or “change” that takes us out of our discomfort, we want “change” to keep us within our comfort zone.

“Change” shouldn’t happen just for the sake of changing. What Jesus wants isn’t “change” just for “change” sake. When Jesus preaches about the good news that God’s Kingdom is now, he’s talking about a “change” with one goal in mind—life itself.

When Peter and Andrew, James and John leave the only life they know to follow Jesus, they chose a new life. Their choice of “change” brought financial instability, not only to themselves, but to those who depended on them. What went through their minds as they changed their lives, we’ll never know. But through the gospels we see that their change choice radically altered their lives and ultimately has changed the course of millions of lives. It was a change for growth and life in God’s kingdom.

When we follow Jesus we must be ready for life-change. The disciples were on the forward move with Jesus, the message of the Kingdom was the constant, but the life lived was always growing.

To grow in Christ, literally “be in Christ” requires a “vote for change” to live life in God’s Kingdom. It won’t always be “comfortable”, but, guaranteed it will be a life richer and much more fulfilling.

Jesus, change is not very comfortable.
By choosing your Kingdom life I know that my life cannot stay the same.
A vote for change means allowing you to do with me what you will.
As uncertain as it is, I choose life in your Kingdom


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