Monday, April 13, 2009

Pure Refreshment

Be rainfall on cut grass, earth-refreshing rain showers.

Psalm 72:6

Shuffling outside with the dog I became aware of the most amazing fragrance. During the night it had rained and the smells emanating from the earth were invigorating. There was crispness in the air and the morning’s color was a rainbow hue. I was alive!

We are called, as Jesus followers, to be like this particular morning—a moment of refreshment. Jesus lived his life in such a manner. People were eager to be around him. And yes, while his healing powers drew people, more than anything the presence and character of Jesus is what drew the crowds. He was different than what they had seen.

Growing up I was taught that my life should be lived in such a way that everyone would know I was a Christian. This was achieved by adopting certain “rules” by which to live such as no drinking, smoking or dancing. By not doing these things I would stand out and people would know something was “different.”

Jesus was certainly different but not by virtue of rules. His words, actions, responses were what made him different and attractive to people. Let your light shine…so that they may see… (Matthew 5:16).

To be like rainfall on cut grass, is to possess a fragrance in the core of your being which isn’t produced by rules. It is only achieved by allowing the Holy Spirit to breathe in you the life of Jesus; believing that everyone with whom you speak will be refreshed.

Jesus, may I be refreshing rain for someone today.

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