Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A New Introduction

…leaving you an example,
so that you might follow in his steps.

I Peter 2:21b

Cutting into my lane I was confronted with its red rear end covered with bumper stickers. Irritated I edged up close at the next red light—God save me from your followers was adjacent to Celebrate Diversity. I was intrigued by the odd pairing.

As our zone of comfort shrinks in size and we become confronted daily with unfamiliar cultures and world residents the uncertainties of life become increasingly apparent. What once was cut and dry seems now to be a fuzzy line. Politicians refer to “moral” issues that were never considered as such. And what once was valued as “sacred” is tossed aside in pursuit of science.

Where does the Jesus follower stand in this confusion? As hard as it may be to accept our American culture is no longer Christian. This means that those that follow Jesus better know Who they’re following and why.

In this environment gone should be the arguments based on assumptions of what we think people know about Who we follow. Every day, whether we live in Iowa, SoCal, Texas or Washington, should now be viewed as an opportunity to introduce to this new culture the life of Jesus Christ.

But do you know him well enough to speak to this culture in the language they will understand? Jesus encountered a similar resistance to his message, but he knew how to connect what he was saying with the first century culture. Granted, his message ultimately nailed him to the cross, but the world did change as a result.

Jesus, help me to know You in such a
way that in introducing You people will
want to join the following.


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