Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Daily Prayer

I have posted this prayer before but I thought it might be a good prayer to again remember. It is one that I pray every morning as well as throughout the day. It never ceases to surprise me how protected I feel.

Christ as a light illumine and guide me.
Christ as a shield overshadow me.
Christ under me.
Christ over me.
Christ beside me on my left and my right.
This day be within and without me,
Lowly and meek yet all powerful.
Be in the heart of each to whom I speak
and the mouth of each who speaks unto me.
Christ as light.
Christ as a shield.
Christ beside me on my left and my right.

Adpated from Prayer of St. Patrick's Breastplate


full of hope said...

Thank you. The Lord knew that I needed this reminder today.

Anonymous said...

This has also become my daily prayer. Again, I thank you for introducing the Celtic Prayer Book to me. It is my solid rock on which I begin the day with His Word, helpful commentary and prayer. MCJ