Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ready and Receptive

Jesus answered him, “What I am doing
you do not understand now,
but afterward you will understand.”

John 13:7

Plopping down in front of the computer and clicking the icon, I sat, potato-like, waiting while the e-mails downloaded. Emotions were below low and I was confident that this time God really didn’t know what he was doing! Up popped the e-mail of a trusted friend...Several nights ago, I was awakened and felt strongly that I needed to pray for all of you...then the Lord reminded me of this verse. God’s Spirit had spoken and my friend had heard and responded.

Many of us find ourselves at odds with two facts: We believe that the Holy Spirit wants to speak to us but we don’t know how to become Spirit listeners. The very idea makes us feel muddled and confused because we’re never quite sure whether what we’re sensing or feeling is the Holy Spirit talking.

There is, however, an important component of Spirit listening–we have to be ready and the readiness makes us receptive. In order for my friend to be reminded of a verse, she had to know the verse in the first place! In order to be ready we have to spend the time necessary getting to know the Speaker. Being ready gives us the ability to respond to the voice of the Spirit when we encounter our own challenges as well as those who join our travels.

To be a Spirit listener takes time and commitment. We may not always understand the message initially, but, when we hear the Spirit’s voice we can be assured that understanding will come eventually.

Jesus, help me to be ready
in order to be receptive and able
to hear the voice of Your Spirit.


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