Monday, November 30, 2009


First Advent Reading

I wait for your salvation, O Lord.

Genesis 49:18

Waiting is part of our daily lives but it doesn’t mean that we grow accustom to it. Our shoulders slump at the bank’s long line. A quick trip to the market is extended because of the “quick trips” of others. Kids can’t wait to grow up and be on their own. Parents simply wait to see how their parenting techniques have worked. Living and waiting walk hand in hand.

And now we come to the time of Advent—a time of waiting for the salvation of God. Here there is a significant difference in the focus of our waiting. With this waiting comes hope, promise of a future. There is a "known" in the waiting--Jesus bearing witness to God in his flesh. The end result of all our other waiting pales by comparison.

Throughout the coming days as we wait in line for whatever reason we might want to consider the waiting as an opportunity. Instead of fuming over time lost, let’s rejoice in the time gained to consider and wonder at Who we’re ultimately waiting for.

Jesus, I eagerly wait for you!

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