Thursday, December 3, 2009

Forever Enduring

Fourth Advent Reading

…whatever God does
endures forever…

Ecclesiastes 3:14a

From the start God had a plan. He would make a creation in his image. In this way the rest of his creation would be cared for with the love and attention that he envisioned. So came about God creating “man” in his image. It was a brilliant plan which went south when “man” decided to take matters in their own hands and take care of creation they way they saw fit.

But God doesn’t ditch his creation which by this time doesn’t look very much like him and has been a disappointment. Instead he keeps finding ways of showing “man” what they are supposed to look like. Seas are divided, walls fall down, battles are won against all odds, fires don’t consume—these are just a few of God’s revelations. He loves and never gives up on what he created in his own image.

By the end of the Old Testament, however, it would appear that God’s patience is tissue thin. Despite the numerous appearances and revelations “man” has continued their blundering ways and made a royal mess. The prognosis for the future is…zip.

Even this does not deter God. His original drawing was still on the board and it continued to give him pleasure. There remained one revelation that could turn it all around. He would become the image he created through the life of his Son. In the life of Jesus “man” would begin to see creation differently and understand that whatever God does endures forever.

Creative God, thank you
for never giving up on your
creation. Help me to see
clearly your kingdom through
the life of your coming Son.


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