Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Food for Thought

It has all the makings of a full week from taking care of the little six year old next door to visits from old friends. This week's meditations are taken from the writings of Columbanus' Letter to a Young Disciple.

Be submissive to good, unbending to evil.
Our society teaches us to be suspicious of what is good, and to listen passively to whatever is evil. It is imperative that we learn to be teachable and submissive if God is to use us. But even the suggestions of the Thief must be given no opportunity to remain. The difficulty may come in deciding which voice is whose. And time spent with the Shepherd is the surest way of recognizing His voice, and of knowing when an impostor is seeking to persuade us. The true Shepherd would not say that, He does not come to steal, kill or destroy.

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