Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wing Shadows

In the shadow of your wings
I will take refuge,
till the storms of destruction
pass by.

Psalm 57:1b

I am claustrophobic. Whether it’s a tight space or a tight embrace my breath dissipates and I struggle for freedom. It’s probably one of the reasons why I like the image of being in the shadow of God’s protective wing. I want to feel secure not claustrophobic.

Standing in a shadow isn’t a suffocating experience. Instead, there is protection from the heat, the wind, the rain while at the same time an ability to be mobile with a view of what’s happening. If we are to learn from our experiences it’s important that we be able to see what we’re facing. Locking ourselves in a windowless room or closing our eyes won’t prepare us for anything.

When we’re facing storms of destruction and God spreads out his wing of protection he provides the shadow that reminds us of his presence while providing a space to learn and grow from the experience. It’s all part of growing up in Christ. If we want to be a Jesus follower that is mature and strong it will require us to be content in the shadow of God’s wing instead of a face lock embrace.

Now, we have to be honest, a face lock embrace can be nice now and then, but if we are going to become strong through our experiences, taking refuge in God’s shadow will give us the comfort we need and at the same time give us a view of the classroom.

Father, thank you for your wing shadow of protection.
It reminds me that nothing can truly harm
me and that this present storm is yet another part
of my growing up in you.

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