Monday, June 2, 2008

Solidly Built

Rain poured down, the river flooded, a tornado hit—but nothing moved that house. It was fixed to the rock.

Matthew 7:25 (The Message)

During one of my most difficult life moments I became friends with Beth. She was waging a battle against a powerful hurricane, cancer. Beth’s story and the building she was doing to ensure her strength reeked havoc on my sacred pity party. There was never a complaint or questioning of God’s purpose. In order to not be destroyed, Beth faithfully followed the instructions on how to be solidly built.

There is consistency in the Bible with this message—a Jesus follower can be guaranteed some foul weather. It isn’t a pleasant truth, but there it is. In my own life I have found it to be an uncomfortable fact. It seems as though I just get through one rain storm and another appears on the horizon. It is at these times that meeting people who are dealing with tornadoes provide a perspective.

Being in community with fellow Jesus followers is essential during rain storms. It is impossible to build a house on one’s own. Even if you’re doing all the “building” others are always a part of the process. And so it is with the life of a Jesus follower. We cannot be solidly built without one another’s help. It’s their stories of endurance that prove there is life after a flood.

Meeting a solidly built Jesus follower is like knowing a master architect. Having been intimately acquainted with the master Blueprint they know what is necessary to build on the Rock and can help us build for endurance.

Jesus, you have promised
life even after a tornado.
What I have to do is know you
so well that I become solidly built
able to endure any storm that
floods me.

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