Wednesday, April 9, 2008

God Fear

Moses said
to the people,
"Do not fear,

for God has come
to test you, that the
fear of him may be

before you, that
you may not sin.

Exodus 20:20

Adventurers understand the difference between "fear" and the "fear of" something. When a new rock climber begins initially climbing it is necessary to overcome one’s fear about heights, falling, and climbing in general. Caving into one’s "fear" means staying on the bottom and missing the spectacular view. And while the wobbly stomach at each ascent may or may not go away, a healthy "fear of" the rock, its impenetrableness, and the possibilities should that "fear of" be taken for granted, should be constant. This "fear of" is what will help you reach the summit.

Too often our lives are controlled by fear and those fears prevent us from moving out and living the life that God intended. We figure if we keep things in control and obey the teachings of Jesus our life will be smooth. But then, events take shape and we find ourselves smack in the middle of a crisis and fear rears its head. We’re fearful that we haven’t lived right, prayed consistently, or perhaps talked to enough people about Jesus.

God never intended for us to live life with fear. The moment we made a decision to grab His hand a holy adventure began. Fearing the guaranteed highs and lows of this holy adventure prevents us from fully living a life with Jesus. But, to have a "fear of" the One whose hand you’re holding is to know that joy and sorrow will be a part of this adventure and that nothing can prevent you from reaching the summit of God’s plan.

Jesus, forgive me for
the fears that hold me.
I acknowledge that they prevent
me from fully living life with You.
Help me, live in fear of You
believing that whatever
You allow to come my way
will help get me to Your summit.

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