Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Courageous Strength

Be strong
and courageous
Do not be frightened…
For the Lord your
God is with you
wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9b

Moses never saw the land God had promised. He knew about it, however, a series of events denied him entry. Knowing that he would never live a settled life as a result of the choices he had made, he continued to lead the Israelites through the desert, faithful to God’s call on his life.

Joshua was given the monumental responsibility of crossing the Jordan to begin living the life God intended. But before he completes the journey God has a few more promises with provisos—I will not leave you—Be strong and courageous. Four times in the first chapter alone of Joshua God focuses on the characteristics of strength and courage.

It has taken strength and courage to get to the point where Joshua is presently standing--the threshold of his future. And while it is evident that God has been with the Israelites continually and he promises the same for the future, God emphasizes that continuing to be strong and courageous will be essential to living in the land.

Much of our Christian life is focused on claiming the promise of God’s presence. It’s true--God is with you. However, God asks something in return which demands action on your part—living in the land courageously strong.

God fought for the people of Israel as a result of their strength and courage. When they sat back waiting or whined disaster struck. God wants to fight for you. Are you willing to live with strength and courage?

Jesus, thank you for
your continual presence with me.
You never promised an easy life,
only that you will always be around.
Help me to live with strength and courage
as a response to your promise

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