Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sister Wendy on Prayer Requests

How often do you find yourself telling others that you'll pray for them? Sometimes we end up feeling guilty because we realize that days have passed without our "praying." Here is a wonderful quote from Sister Wendy on Prayer.

What happens when people ask us to pray for them? Perhaps I can tell you only what happens within me. I have heard the request, and hearing it has changed me. I am now a person who knows that X wants a baby, that Y is sick that Z is locked in an unhappy marriage. I say, "Yes, I will pray for you," and I mean it. But what I mean is that this person, this me, who now has this knowledge, gives herself to God and, in the giving, I give all these problems. None of them are new to God. He knows far better than I can ever know what longing and anguish lie behind every request, but these requests are now part of me. I do not verbalize them, I may never even think of them specifically, but I am confident that I have given them to God, and He thinks about them and longs to support my friends with his strength and understanding. God knows much more about the joys and sorrows of humanity than any of us could ever do [sic]. So when He takes possession, he takes possession with all that He sees and knows, and I am content with that.

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